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Zodiac Areospace Building Repair

Zodiac Areospace Building Repair A major repair job. Zodiac consisted of the removal and replacement of damaged and degraded precast  doubletee roof and walls. Our team Worked closely with the crane company, the general contractor and the building owner. We devised a plan to safely pull out and replace the damaged tees without causing additional damage to the structure or their machinery.

CPM East Valley Mine Bridge

CPM East Valley Mine Bridge This small bridge is the connection to the new access road for the mine. It consisted of 10 Abutment walls and 12 pieces of hollowcore plank for the deck. Vern Trantum worked just over a day to complete the installation of the bridge.

IFLY Tigard, OR

IFLY Tigard, OR The IFLY project presented us with the opportunity to show how PPE is able to strategically  implement  our ability to effectively work with the other trades to make the most of a small job-site. The planning and execution of equipment mobilization around the site was paramount to our success in completing this project safely and …

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Beaverton Middle School

Beaverton Middle School This project consisted 26 solid precast panels and 46 Insulated precast panels with a brick veneer finish. The panels were located on two buildings. Shad Mcdaniel (our superintendent on this project)  helped to make this project a win-win for all parties involved.


JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL One of our earlier projects, Jefferson Elementary School was a small project in which we installed curvilinear architectural beams.


C-TRAN FOURTH PLAIN RAPID TRANSIT The C-Tran Fourth Plain Rapid Transit Bus Maintenance Facility consisted of 32 insulated panels and 16 soild header panels. This four day job is a great example of the timely efficiency of choosing to build with Precast.

Kitsap County Park And Ride

Kitsap County Park And Ride Kitsap County park and ride was one of our smaller jobs that produced great Results. Cory Dawson was our project manager for this steel only job. This job is a great example of PPE’s versatility.

Joint Base Lewis–McChord Hangar

Joint Base Lewis–McChord Hangar Working with multiple parties and numerous design changes, communication was key to the success of this project. The 194 precast pieces in this project consisted of 94 architectural cladding units for the buildings façade and 100 structural units that serve as a firewall for the hanger.

Ross Rock Slide Barge

Ross Rock Slide Barge Landing This fast track job,(albeit small in size) proved to be quite the logistical challenge. Changing water levels and limited site access left us with only a small window of time to prepare and execute our plan in a safe and effective manor. Using a barge, we shuttled the precast pieces …

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Westlake Steps

Westlake Steps With the panels shipping from California, logistics was paramount to getting this job done. We worked closely with the General contractor, the fabricator and the trucking company to make sure this job was a success.

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