Adidas East Village Expansion- Portland, OR


Located in Beautiful Portland, Oregon, Project Adidas consisted of 523 CLT Panels manufactured by DR Johnson, 325 Cantilevered precast IT beams, 190 Precast Office Beams, 321 precast Columns and 2,515 Pieces of 12” Hollow core, manufactured by Knife River Prestress. This project also included stair tread and CLT railing installation.

Hoisting for a major portion of the precast and CLT install was provided by the General Contractor Turner Construction onsite tower crane. NessCampbell provided a spider crane which was used for installation of the stair treads and CLT railing, With an average crew size of 7 ironworkers, PPE worked with Turner Construction on the major portion of this project between April 2019 and January of 2020.

This project presented unique challenges in construct-ability, difficult crane picks and two-story column installation that required precision installation. PPE successfully worked through these challenges using expertise, detailed planning, communication, and exacting installation procedures.

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