Marshfield Jr High School- Coos Bay, OR


PPE is proud to be part of helping the community of Coos Bay, Oregon with the construction of the new, much needed, Marshfield Jr. High. When fully weathered, this building will boast terracotta-like finish precast walls that will compliment and add character to adjacent gray precast walls. This project scope included installation of 152 Precast Columns, beams, solid and insulated walls along with the structural steel located in the gymnasium area and ARCIS panels on the exterior of the building. The project required a 300 Ton crane capable of lifting the Precast walls and large structural steel Beams. PPE coordinated efforts with the steel installer to utilize the same crane while on site to set the gym steel, resulting in a cost savings for the General Contractor, Chambers Construction. In order to accelerate the project PPE set the gymnasium trusses and braced them with a single run of infill beams eliminating the need for an additional mobilization and leave out panels. A variety of equipment was used to complete this project including a PPE provided shuttle tractor and trailer. This project presented particular challenges in the way of coordination and equipment failure. However PPE overcame these obstacles with quick thinking and a heightened level of communication with the precast manufacturer and the General Contractor on the project. Despite these challenges, PPE provided quality installation, safely and on time.

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