Seco Southport- Renton, WA


A combination of precast, structural, and miscellaneous steel structured our scope on Project Seco Southport located in Renton, Washington. PPE, along with Precast Manufacturer Olympian Precast and General Contractor Exxel Pacific worked intently on this project.
Project Seco Southport presented opportunities for our team to demonstrate their expertise including creative rigging to overcome panels that tucked under as well as a compact work site, coordination with multiple surveys due to site issues which resulted in panel installation that maintained height rather than elevation, and close communication with the owner of the project to ensure complete satisfaction.
A variety of equipment was used to complete our scope successfully on this project. Use of a mobile crane provided by Ness Campbell Crane, Onsite tower crane provided by Exxel Pacific, Tri-lift and flying forklift were some of the tools used to ensure we completed our project safely and on time.

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