Recognition: Testimonials and Awards


On June 16, 2022, five construction projects where PPE performed precast or steel erection, took home awards at the 2022 DJC TopProjects event!

Here are the five projects where we erected the precast or steel structures:

Full list of projects and winners:


Thank you and PPE on behalf of the owner and Hammerquist Casalengo for coming in as a true partner and stakeholder in this project! The two weeks you were able to pick up on this schedule is absolutely paramount to reducing our risk as the contractor and most of all the owners risk of winter conditions.

We as a company work with the mission and vision that if our stakeholders are successful we will be successful! It has been a pleasure to get to work with you over the past few years and we as well look forward to the next one!

Thanks again Shad,

Cody Hoff on behalf of Curtis Lund and Hammerquist Casalegno
Project Manager
Hammerquist Casalegno


Clark Goetz here- Site Safety Manager for JE Dunn at the QTS DC-2 project in Hillsboro, OR. I just wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for the professionalism and dedication to safety that your crew showed when they were on our project. I would however like to single out one individual. Your Superintendent on the project was a fellow named Jean Luc Lave. In my 25 years as an Ironworker-turned-Safety professional I haven’t written many of these types of emails, but after working with Jean Luc I felt I had to. He was truly a pleasure to work with. It’s not often that such a team player for safety comes on to one of my jobs and I really appreciate all of the help he gave me and the Construction Management team. His coordination between all of the moving parts was impressive. He never missed one of our coordination meetings and was always prepared with the Lift Plans we require, as well as always being ready to lend a hand figuring out site logistics issues on such a busy, complex site. It really made getting such a large undertaking like installing our precast (while 500+ trades were working onsite as well) the smoothest and SAFEST installation I have personally ever been a part of.

All of that coupled with a ZERO incident rate as well!

As you well know, precast erection is potentially the most dangerous part of this type of building construction. JE Dunn has had issues on other projects in the past with other erection companies, so when PPE arrived on site, I kind of put your guys under a microscope. I am very pleased to say that under Jean Luc’s leadership that was unnecessary. His dedication to safety and willingness to thoroughly execute the safety plan helped lead to success for our team on the QTS DC-2 project. Thanks again for sending us such a great team, with such an outstanding leader.

Clarke Goetz, CHST
Senior Safety Specialist
JE Dunn Construction

Caleb Wohletz named to Autodesk 40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2021

Autodesk Champions of Construction 2021

Caleb is an inspiring example of someone who has worked their way to the top. Throughout his AEC journey, Caleb continues to demonstrate admirable values in the form of strong leadership, hard work, and resilience. 

His first job included hands-on labor for an architectural sheet metal fabrication company. He also received mechanical experience working with CNC machinery doing maintenance repairs, swapping out parts, and ensuring the equipment ran smoothly.  

In 2012, he was hired at Precision Precast Erectors (PPE), where he joined the Local 14 Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program and became a journeyman steelworker.

Caleb continued to add to his skill set by learning how to successfully manage projects and people. In 2015, he realized the importance of technology in construction and developed PPE’s IT initiative. The firm started adopting various construction software, and Caleb oversaw the use of these programs for various projects.

Because of his accomplishments, Caleb was promoted to a General Superintendent position, and then to Operations Manager a year later. Today, his responsibilities include project planning and scheduling, as well as collaborating with GCs, clients, and suppliers to ensure that projects are all completed on time and within budget. 

Caleb also demonstrated strong, and much-needed leadership skills amidst the pandemic. He implemented various procedures that enabled teams to work remotely with minimal disruption. And for those who had to come into the office, they were able to do so safely, thanks to Caleb’s guidance. 

Fast forward to 2021, and PPE continues to thrive—with many thanks to Caleb’s meaningful contributions.  

“Caleb’s work ethic is noticed by all employees, and they recognize that Caleb values their time. He truly leads with a servant’s heart.”

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the work out at Facebook. Everyone I talk to speaks very highly of you and your guys and my operators really like working with your crew. We appreciate the work and look forward to future projects with you as well.

Here is a 2021 recap video of some of Wagstaff Crane's cool projects, I think there are a few of your panels in this video.

Happy New Year!

Judd Wagstaff
Project Manager
Wagstaff Crane


I just wanted to sit down and give kudos to your crew out here at Conway as well as to both you and Lou.  I have worked with a wide range of contractors working for a General Contractor and I can say without a doubt that PPE is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  From quality to safety you and your team run a tight ship even from before you stepped foot on this project the planning and safety logistics you and your team went through here really set a positive tone with the safety of your crew being the most important.  On a side note, Caleb is one hell of a Foreman, he is one of the most safety conscience persons I have had the luxury to work with and his crew takes care of housekeeping daily and maintains their work areas extremely well.  He asks smart questions and plans his work.  That is a rarity these days finding quality employees, and he makes my job easier. I remember having a conversation with Lou in the Pre-Con meeting and he told me point blank that he will not put his people into a dangerous situation ever.  You guys walked the walk with the recent Man/Material hoist issue we had here resulting in 2 days being down and taking days out of your production schedule.  Not all contractors would have taken that stance and I have a new level of respect for PPE for truly putting your crew’s health and wellbeing first.

Enjoy the family time next week and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jim Mahar, CSP, CHST
EHS Manager

"We chose to work with PPE because we know that there is no risk and that the scope of work will be completed on time while meeting the expectations of the design team. While working with PPE, we truly feel like a part of the team – there is no worry that something will be built wrong, even if it was designed that way. Because no one can have a perfect 10, I rate your firm in the top 5% of folks that I have worked with. I especially appreciate the fact that your crews show up – they know what is going on, and they get straight to work. If there are any call backs, they do not hesitate to show back up. They live up to their great reputation by sticking to the given schedule and jumping onboard from the very beginning stages of concept pricing all the way through the erection stages. No questions asked, we would be happy to work with PPE again and thank them for success on our recent Projects."

Jeff Stewart
Senior PM
Oldcastle Precast


Thanks for the update.  You and your team have done great at Glacier Gateway Elementary. Professional, Safe, and Efficient would be the three words I’d use to describe you and your crew.  Nice job and hope to see you on the next one down the road!

Monte Moultray
Swank Enterprises


Please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent tilt panel erection for the PDX081 project provided by you and your team. I commend you for being so dependable and tactful when handling the conflicts that we ran into. The work you did here helps our team feel safe, supported, and motivated. Thanks again for going above and beyond to foster an environment that we can all work happily and comfortably in.

Eric Alvarado
Site Manager
Gray Construction


Enjoyed working with your crews and Cory. Under the circumstances things went smooth, mainly due to their attitudes and willingness to work around the issues.

Jason Petronek
Project Manager
Reimers & Jolivette